Kaimana Wolff

Finding Shapes in Clouds of Wolf Fur

Kaimana Wolff, novelist, poet and playwright, survives in a small community on the coast of British Columbia with her friend, a beautiful soul housed in a wolfish body. Often Lord Tyee and Wolff can be heard devising new howls, songs and dances on the lawns, in the parks, and in glens of the great forests still permitted to stand.

She blogs at Sungawuni.

As Eva van Loon, she writes non-fiction books such as Million Dollar Smile: Save Your Teeth and Your Wallet in Friendly Nicaragua and Thyroid Resurrection: from dead to dynamic — without drugs! She has more non-fiction in the works and a two-book dissertation planned for publication sometime in 2014. Eva also blogs, at The Law of Love.

Katje van Loon

Professional Amoeba Cat

authorphoto2014Katje van Loon, genderqueer author, poet, and actor, resides in the suburban outskirts of the Greater Vancouver Regional District with zir fiance and their massive library of books, DVDs, and video games. Katje often dresses up like Kara “Starbuck” Thrace and avoids arrest for disorderly conduct.

While not writing, Katje can be found baking, knitting, crafting, subverting the heteronormative, gender-binarist paradigm, and killing filthy Cylons.

Zie blogs at Quillscratches.

As Morag Spinner, zie writes about zir religious life at the blog Everyday Magic. Morag has some non-fiction books planned for the future.

Are you on Twitter? Katje loves to tweet! Follow zir here.


Col. Tyee

aka ‘Lord Houdini Wolff the Awful Pawful’

Lord Houdini Wolff has lived with Kat & Wolff for two years and has not once regretted joining this weird pack of apes. These humans feed him excellent food, give him tummy-rubs and loves, buy him stuffed bunnies to cuddle, and encourage his artistic side. If he’s crazy to live with humans, he never wants to be sane.

This pack has history — the ancestors of the pack guide Tyee and watch over him and the humans. Tyee and his ancestors blog about these weird apes at Lobos Locos.