Wolffy still needs help!                                            


March 6, Wolffy, a.k.a. Eva van Loon, was feeling fine, wearing several of her hats as friend, writer, publisher, cognition therapist, wolfdog lover and PR’s “Peace-Poem lady”.

March 7, Wolffy spent 6 hours immobilized on a hospital gurney, unable to sit up. The following months found her bed-ridden, too weak to open the fridge, walk the wolfdog or squeegee the shower. Or work, leaving her a monthly pension of $947 (now $948!).

Diagnosis began with “polymyalgia rheumatica”—6 months later, she’s still waiting for tests to confirm whether the anemia, blood loss, pain and weakness mean lymphoma, cancer tumors, Hashimoto’s, Cushing’s, lupus or something else.

Wolffy is putting together her medical team, while refusing prednisone and taking dozens of natural treatments daily. It’s working! Recently a clerk processing her passport application noted she looked younger than in the old passport picture—and this is true! She has quelled a lot of symptoms but needs to pay for several serious therapies as soon as possible. I’m all for that—Wolffy’s my mom. I don’t get another one of those! (“Me, either,” says our dog. “Best Pack Leader ever!”)

This illness has put the brakes on Mom’s writing. Your donation will help her produce two helpful new books—with some answers to the mystery of auto-immune illness and why so many of us are diagnosed with these diseases without a cause.

Thanks for reading this! If you want to help Wolffy, you can check out her blog and give her feedback. She’s writing about her illness and her life as much as she’s able.

You can also make a donation here, at our YouCaring Page. We really appreciate all the help given us over the past few months, and wouldn’t have gotten as far as we have without your kindness and generosity. <3

If you’re in the neighborhood (i.e., southwest BC), you can make a donation at this page and pick your perk. Wolffy’s accumulated some interesting stuff over the years and most of it is looking for a new owner.

You can buy Wolffy’s books right here at Kat & Wolff. Yup, there are nine of them, the nonfiction under her legal name and the novels and poetry under Kaimana Wolff. Two volumes of her trilogy are out: Broken Sleep, set in Vancouver in 1995, and La Chiripa, set in 2000 in Guatemala. Readers will want Wolffy to survive at least long enough to write the last novel, Pale Criminal, so that at last they will know what happens to Alma and Pira, and whether there is any hope of redemption for everybody’s favorite psychopath, Matt Wayne. (Seriously, I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for the 3rd book.)

You can also purchase any of my books (Bellica, The Jade Star of Athering, Stranger Skies, or glasstown) from Kat & Wolff and the proceeds will go towards Wellness For Wolffy. Also, during the course of this fundraiser, if you enter in the code Wellness4Wolffy during checkout you’ll get 10% off your entire purchase.